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Here you will find information on the most basic topics of survival in a lightsaber fight.

Basic principles Edit

Luckily, many of the basic principles of JK2 are the same as the basic principles of sword fighting in general. Hit them where their sword is not. Close a line with every attack - for most attacks you do, there is an angle or a line that you defend, and it has a place in JK2 as well. Regardless of who is attacking or if both are attacking - if sabers overlap, they collide. While there is no real difference between attacks and blocks in historical sword fighting, both topics must be covered in JK2.

Lead with the blade. When you're close to being in range, it is more wise to swing first and then move your legs, otherwise you risk giving away your attack and exposing yourself more easily.

Other principles do not apply - in JK2, there are stances with different speeds, which doesn't translate well to real sword fighting. But it has been put to good use in JK2, as every stance has a balanced set of advantages and disadvantages that are very context sensitive - speed, reach, damage and coverage, for example. Another principle we don't have is thrusts, which would dramatically change the gameplay.

A taste of some common techniques from in-game duels.Edit

A complete guide to the lightsaber - A taste of common techniques

A complete guide to the lightsaber - A taste of common techniques

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