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 Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was released in 2002 and offered a stunning use of the lightsaber, where you played as Kyle Katarn. The multiplayer became very popular, clans were created, players had their own masters and deep social rules were maintained on all or most servers.

Raven eventually released a couple of patches to fix some things that they regarded as bugs. As the game stands today, the original unpatched 1.02 version is the one that has the biggest player base, and it makes for a completely different gameplay experience than the 1.04 patched version. Many players felt heavily restricted in the 1.04 patch and realized a lot of the things that made the game flexible and enjoyable were taken away. You can read more about that in this article.

This wikia contains a complete guide to understanding and mastering the lightsaber in JK2 1.02 on a basic and advanced level.

A complete guide to the lightsaber in Jedi Outcast 1

A complete guide to the lightsaber in Jedi Outcast 1.02 Introduction

Introduction of the video series


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  • Advanced swordplay.

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